Happy New Year 2017

Friends, we wish to thank you for making the year 2016 so successful.  How successful have we been?  Let us tell you.
  • Many individuals received free dental and vision care because we supported and encouraged major dental and eye surgeons with their personal missions in Haiti.
  • Many individuals received free healthcare because we were the channel of matching hospitals equipment and other items to the hospitals in both Haiti and in Africa as well.
  • Many children were fed, clothed, and had safe home because we identified non-profit agencies and encouraged you to support their work as well.
  • Many individuals are employed near the Cap Haitien town because we personally guided a company to establish their manufacturing plant in that area.
We could go on and on but YOU actually did all that.  So be proud of your accomplishments.  We wish to express our deepest gratitude for your continued support of the work of the Coalition.  May your wishes be realized in 2017.  Sincerely, thank you.


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