Here is a list of the reports:

  • 2013 Annual Report

  • 2004 – 2010 Summary

    This report covers what the Coalition did from 2004 to 2010.   Three sections highlight HCP’s most significant initiatives and projects:
    • Section-1 Covers programs that HCP has organized in collaboration with other organizations to help young Haitians in Philadelphia and Haiti.
    • Section-2 Covers what the Coalition in collaboration with other groups, has done to help the Haitian communities in the Tri-State Area (Philadelphia, New Jersey and Delaware)
    • Section-3 Covers how the efforts of local organizations that comprise the Coalition, in partnership with other groups, have helped the island of Haiti.  More
  • 2006 Annual Report

    The Haitian Coalition of Philadelphia (HCP) has greatly participated in different programs to help Haitian kids in Philadelphia and Haiti.  Among the many programs, HCP cites
    The rippling effects of events in Haiti from 2004 to 2006 were brutal then to bring back the positive image of Haiti around the world; HCP was instrumental in the selection of Mr. Samuel Dalembert (Haitian born basketball super star) by the Consul Corps Association in Philadelphia as the recipient of the 2006 Humanitarian Award.
    The “Haitian Night” at the Wachovia Center in collaboration with the 76 Sixers’ (Philadelphia basketball team) organization and started the “Backpack Program” at EFIP in collaboration with the French international School of Philadelphia during the Martin Luther King Day for kids in Haiti. These programs intended use was to promote the Haitian culture in the Philadelphia area as well as giving more exposure to the Haitian culture and history.  More…
  • 2005 Annual Report

In 2005, the members restructured the organization and changed its name from Haitian Community Culture/Development Abroad (HCCDA) to Haitian Coalition of Philadelphia (HCP). The idea was to group all the small organizations in the community and to create one voice to have more power.
The organization continued to take part in various programs and events (such as the Haitian Night at the Wachovia, the United Nations 60th birthday) designed to promote the Haitian culture and to increase communities’ and countries’ knowledge about Haiti. HCP has also placed few important services in the community to facilitate its development by increasing its buying power.
HCP members opened the Haitian Passport service in Philadelphia with the Honorary Consul of Haiti, Mr. Albert Momjian, so Haitians would not spend money to travel to New York or Washington and loose two days of work. HCP that year held its first organizational meeting to explain to future members the necessity to have one voice. More…
  • 2004 Annual Report

    The Haitian Community Culture/Development Abroad (HCCDA):
    Celebrated with the Haitians and other communities Haiti’s 200th year of Independence.  Members of HCCDA wrote a letter outlying the importance of Haiti’s independence in the development of the United States to the Mayor of Philadelphia, Mr. John F Street.  As a result, he then proclaimed the first week of each year as “Haitian Week” in Philadelphia.
    Showed for the first time in the United States the documentary film on Jean Dominique, “The Agronomist”
    Started the “Haitian Night” program for the kids in the Haitian community with the 76ers at the Wachovia center.
    Organized with other well-known organizations a big concert with the Philadelphia Orchestra to benefit the 2004 flood victims in Haiti and the Dominican Republic.  More…